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Make the Master Bedroom a Priority

master bedroom

I recently worked with a client, a mother of four, who broke the mold for the way most busy families approach their homes. She wanted to design the master bedroom FIRST!

Not the family room. Not the kitchen or a bathroom—the rooms most commonly at the top of the list—but the master bedroom, the place where, at least in theory, she and her husband can escape, connect, and recharge for the next day. I loved it!

Whether you are ready for a full makeover or want to enhance your bedroom over time, here are some considerations and ideas to get you started.


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A to Z for Your Home: T is for Texture

Texture Tips: 5 Places to Make Your Home More Visually Interesting

While it’s natural to want to jump right into your room’s layout and color scheme, texture is a key component to setting the tone for the room, too. To clarify, by texture I mean the interplay of shape, pattern, and finish that creates dimension. It’s the subtle (or not so subtle) art of mixing and matching that makes a space dynamic and interesting.

There are many ways and places to play with texture. You can even create texture by blending styles, like vintage and modern, in one space.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

#1 – Focus on floors.

Tile is one of my favorite ways to add some pizazz in a small room, either from the tile material itself, from the pattern you create with the tile, or from the contrast you create with another surface in the room.


Photo Credit: Houzz

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