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Hanging the First Nail

Continuing in our Photo Wall discussion, this – Hanging the First Nail – is where most people get hung up (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). My advice? Just pick up a hammer and start.

The collage style gallery lends itself to a more organic look and feel, as if the gallery grew over time.  When starting a collage gallery place a larger frame somewhere in the middle as an anchor and build the rest of the wall from there. The placement doesn’t need to be symmetrical, but do keep the spacing in between photos consistent. And if you think you might want to add more photos in the future, leave room for your wall to grow. Collage style also allows you to mix in some non-photo items for more dimension and interest – things like a pair of baby shoes, shadow box with sentimental trinkets or handprint plaque are all fair game.

Rather skip the guesswork? Companies such as the Picturewall offer frames and a variety of templates to show you exactly where to hang each photo.


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Pick Your Photo Palette

In my last post, we started talking about putting together a photo wall. Once you begin visualizing and putting together photos, your next decision will be about color: color for the photos, color for the frames and/or mats, etc. Again, there is no right or wrong choice, since really the ultimate goal of photos is to help you remember the good times, important people and beauty in your life.

gallery mismatch

The Visual Vamp

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Picture This!

It’s time again for the Aaron Brothers 1 Cent Sale! Ready to make 2016 the year you get those photos out from dusty photo boxes or freed from the confines of digital storage? Over the next few weeks, I’ll help you accomplish just that by sharing some of my knowledge on an area that can be intimidating by breaking it down into digestible bits. Do you scatter photos everywhere? Focus on a photo wall? How many and what size? To mat or not, etc.?

Let’s start with planning a photo wall. A family photo wall creates a lifetime of memories for your family. And the great news is that there is no right or wrong way to create one. Here are some of the choices you’ll need to make with tips to get you started.

photo wall 1

Sara Eizen

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That’s a Wrap on My First “Clear the Clutter Bootcamp!”

I just finished my organizing class – the “Clear the Clutter” bootcamp – and I couldn’t be more proud of the participants.  They each persevered through four weekly challenges, and the results are fantastic!  I was thrilled to hear so many positive comments from the group:

“[The Bootcamp] was great! It really set in motion big changes in our house.”

“I liked the group inspiration, fun atmosphere, and Sara’s happy personality & ‘can-do’ attitude, and the step-by-step challenges and a schedule for what to do.”

“Gave me focused time to declutter & reorganize.”

We kicked things off with my “Clear the Clutter” talk:

“I liked how we talked through the different types of clutter.”

Another participant learned “how keeping unused stuff costs us.”

Here are some of my favorite transformations:

The Junk Drawer

You might think than an interior designer and organizer like me might not be a fan of junk drawers. If so, you’re wrong! I’m a firm believer in having a junk drawer; I just think it should be organized.  This participant added some basic bins so now everything has a place. And she even lined the drawer with paper to make it look prettier.  Which drawer would you rather open?

Junk Drawer BA

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Introducing my “Clear the Clutter Bootcamp!”

Before we know it, the final school bell will ring, and the kids will be on summer break.  Scary, right? This means now is the perfect time to tackle any remaining spring cleaning projects, and prep your home for the changing needs that come with the summer season.

In addition to my usual organizing and design services, I’m excited to launch a new program called “Clear the Clutter Bootcamp.”

Yes, a de-cluttering bootcamp. You know how you sign up for those fitness bootcamps to whip yourself into shape in a short amount of time? Well, this bootcamp is designed to do the same thing, only for your house. And let’s face it, getting our house into shape can be as daunting as getting ourselves into shape. We all have our trouble spots.

Take the junk drawer, for instance. Which one of these would you rather look at every day? What if you could get from this “before” to the “after,” not only in your junk drawer, but throughout your home?

junk drawer before

Organized by O’Dell

junk drawer after 2

Snap Creativity

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