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Vanity Sanity

By February 21, 2014Uncategorized

An easily overlooked area, but one of my favorites for spring clearing, is the bathroom. Ladies, I’m talking to you! Here are some of my top tips for getting and maintaining what I like to call, vanity sanity.

Make designated space for samples.
It’s hard to resist those cute little trial sizes, but who can ever find them again? In my case, they seem to turn up as a pile of goo at the bottom of my purse or bathroom cupboard if I don’t put them in place straight away.

Keep samples straight by banding them together in categories with color-coded binder clips. Or get in the habit of storing the packets in your travel case or gym bag so you have them where and when you need them. Guest bathroom? Cultivate a spa atmosphere by filling a beautiful tray or basket with high-end samples, a candle, and maybe even some cute trial-sized chocolates.

Photo Source: Cult of Pretty

Hang up the hair dryer.
Hanging your hair dryer keeps it within reach yet out of the way. Simply install a sturdy basket or bin on a wall near the electrical outlet and store brushes and other hair accessories nearby. This is also a fun way to add a bit of decoration to the space.

Photo Source: Pinterest

If your budget allows, you can take this concept one (ok, maybe two) steps further by creating a designated hair care center in a deep bathroom drawer.

Photo Source: Houzz – A Cooks Room


Shape up the shower.
If you don’t have much, or any shelf space in your bath or shower, try one of these nifty shower curtains with built-in pockets. This is also a fair, economical way to divvy up his and her space in the bathroom.

Photo Source: Amazon

Maximize space.
For some reason, the space under the bathroom sinks is like the Bermuda triangle. What goes in may never come out! To keep things tidy and easily accessible, try a two-tiered lazy susan.

Photo Source: By Stephanie Lynn

In my opinion, most medicine cabinets are not created for today’s consumer. We have too much stuff! I’m not endorsing that kind of consumerism, but I am a fan of altering small spaces to accommodate the products you need and love.

My favorite trick for medicine cabinets is Magna Pods, simple, plastic cubbies that magnetically attach to the inside of the cabinet door.

Photo Source: MagnaPods

If drawer space is limited, put the tools you use every day in a cute container on the counter. Many kitchen containers can be re-purposed for the bathroom with nothing more than a little bit of imagination.

Photo Source: Blissfully Domestic

Feeling crafty? It’s remarkably easy to make this adorable make-up brush stand. Just buy a piece of craft wood (available at art supply shops) and drill a range of different sized holes in it to fit your brushes. The result not only looks good but is more hygienic than stuffing them all into the same cup.

Photo Source: House of Earnest

Create a chic display.
For a less cluttered look use your products as decor. Find a tray you love (consider something vintage) and put pretty packaging in view on your countertop.

Photo Source: The Life Styled blog

Be smart with shelves.
When space is limited, being smart about wall space is key. Installing one or two shelves with cute bins or baskets can easily do the trick.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Label it.
Nothing lasts forever, even that daring red lipstick you bought especially for date nights. These handy labels from Beauty Alert make it easy to keep track of when you purchased each tube of lipstick or mascara, and more importantly, when you need to throw it away.

Photo Source: Beauty Alert

The same goes for what you put IN your mouth. Dentists say to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head every few months, but who keeps track? Bamboo brushes from Izola come preprinted so you know precisely when to throw them out.

Photo Source: Izola


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