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Spring Cleaning in Action!

By April 22, 2014blog, home organizing

Spring is the season for renewal, so as you begin to take on those home projects and spring cleaning, I encourage you to think about not only what goes into your home, but also what comes out!

With spray bottles and cleaners in hand, you are ready to tackle! But wait — how can you get to those surfaces that need cleaning if there’s stuff in the way? Yes, my friends, this is your handy dandy list for what to do with those no longer needed items.

Whether it’s something valuable that you want to sell, clothes that you no longer need, or electronic waste that you just want to get rid of (safely), this list should have some great resources for you. And if you need a little more help, don’t forget, I’m just a phone call or an email away!

Sell It
If what you have is something worth any value, you might be reluctant to simply toss it or donate it. By now, most of us are familiar with Craigslist, but there are other options, including local consignment stores. Take a look around your area for the consignment store that will fit your needs, or revisit this post for a list of my favorite consignment stores in the Seattle area.

A friend recently introduced me to OfferUp, which is very similar to Craigslist, but all done via text messages and photos taken by your smartphone, and especially important – all local! One of the things that really impresses me about this company is their TruYou, a method of validating sellers and thereby adding a bit more trust into any transaction.

Home Building & Renovation Materials
As you’re tackling those home remodeling projects, consider donating reusable building supplies and fixtures to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Second Use or The ReStore. All of these organizations take those fixtures that you no longer want in your own home and either donate them to needy projects or sell them in their stores to raise money for needy projects. Added bonus: those items are diverted from the landfill!


Donated Home Goods and Clothing
If you have items for around the house, such as linens, pots & pans, furniture, etc. consider donating to The Sharehouse. This organization takes those items (in good condition) and gives them to families and individuals moving from homelessness into housing. For a complete list of acceptable items, please check out their website.

Clothing and other material items can always be taken to Value Village, Goodwill, etc. Some schools in the area also host clothing drives sponsored by organizations such as Clothes For A Cause. I also especially love Free The Girls – an organization that accepts gently used bras and gives them to girls and women getting out of the sex trade!

Electronic Goods
It is impossible in this day and age not to have at least a few no longer needed electronics laying about. If that is you, take a look at Total Reclaim and 1 Green Planet. Eco waste continues to be a growing strain, so responsible recycling is a must. Some companies, such as Apple, have take-back programs to recycle outdated components, from iPhones and iPods to computers.

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