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A to Z for the Home: U is for Under-the-Bed Storage

By March 2, 2015Uncategorized

If you’re like most busy moms and dads, you probably aren’t strategizing about storage space when it comes to hitting the sack at the end of the day. And yet, there is a hidden jewel right at your feet!

It’s common to throw a bed skirt around your bed frame and forget about the dust bunnies lurking below. The space can be, well, kind of creepy and you might be afraid of stowing anything important too far out of sight and mind. But with these tips, some creativity, and just a few affordable accessories, you can transform the black hole under your bed into useful, stylish space.

Think Outside the Box

Why rely on pre-fab storage boxes when you can get crafty and creative with something you already have? There are so many cute options for adding really effective storage space that makes a fun style statement, too.

Cute vintage suitcases are an adorable way to store off-season items or linens under the bed.


Photo Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Throw a new coat of paint and some casters on some old dresser drawers and you’ll have just about the cutest storage bins in town.


Photo Source: Metrolina

gray drawers.jpg

Photo Source: Thrifty Crafty Girl

For smaller items or things you need to access on a regular basis, mesh or transparent containers will make life a little easier.

wire baskets.jpg

Photo Source: Always Rooney

plastic with casters.jpg

Photo Source: Pins & Procrastination

Re-purposing wood pallets has somehow become all the rage. But I’m sure not complaining. Check out this awesome shoe storage!


Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

Build It In

You can’t beat the all-in-one solution for ease and efficiency: the bed with built-in storage.

Many stores such as Room & Board and Ikea, make great beds with built-in storage in kid and grown-up sizes and styles.


Photo Source: Room & Board

ikea pull up bed.jpg

Photo Source: IKEA

 If you have the time and budget, custom is the way to go to really maximize your space.

 Photo Source: Hative

I just can’t get enough of this little girl’s room. It’s like a kid’s and mom’s dream, all in one!

built in kids closet.jpg

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

 Go Ready-Made

There is no shame in the ready made! I know first hand that finding the perfect off-the-shelf solution, and being able to take it home and use it right away, can do wonders for a busy parent’s sanity.

 If you’re going shopping (or shopping online) make a list of your storage needs and spaces first. Then don’t be afraid to mix and match to get the job done.


storage bins.jpg

 Photos Source: Apartment Therapy

For middle-of-the-night note takers or anyone with a really small bedroom, I love this slim organizer that slips under the mattress to keep essentials close by.

under mattress.jpg

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

Hopefully this has inspired you to do a little recon under your bed. I bet there’s room for way more than just dust bunnies! Take a photo of your creative solution and then come on back and share.


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