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Client Profile: Infusing Personality into a New Construction Home

By March 22, 2016Uncategorized

Did someone say new paint colors, kids’ rooms, and organization?  This project had my name written all over it. My clients – a family of four, including two young kids – had purchased a new construction home that needed some personal touches to make it feel more like home.

Before I got there, they expanded a main floor bedroom by taking over unused overhang space the garage. The new space would become a playroom, which meant they could take back the family room.  –> Sidenote: this was a brilliant idea!  It’s always, always a good idea to look for unused space in your home and take advantage of it.

Now on to the fun part.  The project goals were to:

  1. Re-claim the family room as an adult & family space.
  2. Create a bright, sunny play space for the kids.
  3. Add color, style and organization to the kids’ bedrooms.

Let’s see how we did…

1. Family Room

The result is a warm, luxurious family room that everyone can enjoy. We added two gorgeous, custom couches to accommodate the whole family for movie nights, or friends while entertaining.  And did you notice? There isn’t a toy in sight!

Baer Family Room Solo1

Before, there was no seating in the room, and the toy clutter consumed the space.

Baer Family Room BA2

The toys and bookshelf have been removed and replaced with cozy stylish seating and a gallery wall.

Baer Family Room BA5

Truth be told, we did need to keep some of the kids’ toys (let’s be real…), but we hid them in beautiful storage ottomans that double as a coffee table.

Baer Ottomans BA1

Baer Ottomans Solo2

2. Playroom

Now onto the kid-centered space – the new playroom!  This was a truly blank slate, as it was a new addition. We started with selecting paint colors. My clients had a great sense of what they wanted, and who was I to argue with  bright, cheerful colors on all walls, including the ceiling?

Baer Playroom Solo 4

The room is large, so we divided it into zones to help keep it organized and make clean up time easier for all. The zones include: toy organization and display, a LEGO station, art gallery and reading nook.Baer Playroom Solo 1

Baer Playroom solo 3  Baer Playroom Solo 6

Baer Playroom Solo 7

Baer Playroom Solo 8

3. Kids’ Bedrooms

Finally, we moved upstairs to create fun, inspiring rooms for the kids that will grow with them. Again, we had great fun with color in these rooms.  We actually used the same two colors for the walls/ceiling in each room, but swapped the placement. Check them out!


Baer Kid Space Solo5

Who says blue is only for boys? Little sister got a gorgeous blue coat on the walls, with a green ceiling and pink accents.

Baer Kid Space Solo6

Baer Kid Space BA3

Big brother’s room has the reverse color scheme: green on the walls, and blue on the ceiling.
Baer Kid Space BA1

Baer Kid Space BA2

We also spruced up both kids’ closets with custom built-ins by Organized Spaces. My client chose to remove the doors for even easier access. And since the closets are so organized, it’s not an eye sore.

Baer Org Solo2
Baer Org Solo1

Phew! That was a lot of work, but what an impact we made on this home. Now it has the personality that fits the clients.

Here are some key takeaways that apply to any family home:

  • Paint color makes a big impact!
  • Create zones in the playroom to keep it organized.
  • Look for furniture that does double duty, like the storage ottomans.
  • Organized closets = happy closets (and moms!)

I’ve got another great family home tour coming your way soon. Stay tuned!

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