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Putting Family Into the Family Home

By April 7, 2016Uncategorized

My clients bought this home as a new build years ago, but after adding three kids to the family, they found themselves wondering if they’d outgrown it. Plus, it was feeling a little dated. They were considering a major re-model to add space, but before they made such a big decision, I helped them think through how to make the current home work better for them.

Jill & Orly Solo 1

For this project, I also had the unique opportunity to collaborate with another interior designer, also named Sara.

Here were our key challenges:

  1. Make the rooms fit their lifestyle.
  2. Re-think the space in the home to allow for each kid to have their own bedroom.
  3. Make the house feel new and updated.
  4. Help them get organized!

Here’s what we came up with for solutions:

1. Re-Thinking the Space to Fit Their Needs (and Personality!)

Desperately in need of more space to accommodate their active kids and lifestyle, we began thinking about how to better use their space. They’re not a formal family, so they didn’t feel a need to stick to the traditional functionality of a “formal dining room” and “formal living room.” Both spaces became fun, engaging living spaces for adults and kids alike.

The “formal living room” became a more informal hangout area, complete with a swing, a LEGO wall and foosball table. The swing greets guests upon entering the home, and can be raised and lowered. How cool is that?!



The bright blue accent wall is a great backdrop for the gray LEGO panels.  What kid wouldn’t love to create a masterpiece in this space?

Jill & Orly Living Room Solo4


The “formal dining room” now houses a ping pong table, computer desk and art nook, and features chalkboard wall and lively wallpaper to draw you in.

Jill & Orly Family Space Solo1

Jill & Orly Family Space Solo3

Jill & Orly Family Space Solo4


2. Giving each kid their own bedroom. 

Fortuntately for this family, the space was there; it just needed to be re-configured.

The two boys shared a room, while their sister had her own. They decided to transform the office into a third bedroom for the oldest child.  Now all three kids have their own space!

Jill & Orly Kid Space Solo5

Jill & Orly Kid Space Solo4

Jill & Orly Kid Space Solo2

3. Freshening Up

A fresh coat of paint and new carpet throughout make the home feel brand new again. But even better than before, because now the home feels current. We went with a fresh, neutral gray paint and carpet with white trim.  And a bright red door for a pop of color inside!

Version 2

We also freshened up the family room and dining area with new furniture and rugs from FLOR. The family room got a brand new couch to accommodate the family of five.


And the adjacent dining area got a new dining set and a fresh blue accent wall to anchor the space.

Jill & Orly Dining Area Solo1

4. Organize. Organize. Organize!

There was so much potential to gain space and make this house work harder, simply by adding organization throughout.

The kitchen pantry got a serious upgrade with pull-out drawers.  And with the office gone, we included a hidden office space inside.



My go-to closet team, Organized Spaces, came to the rescue for closets and more. The kids’ closets were updated to help them keep their rooms tidy.



A lower level pantry now accommodates more of the overflow items (and wine storage!).


And even the garage got a makeover, with a mudroom-style set-up, and organization for toys and sports equipment.



While there was a significant investment to do this work, it was no where near the cost of remodeling or moving.  My clients now feel like they can stay in this space for the long-term. So before you give up on your house, really take a good look around. Or better yet, call me to come over!

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