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That’s a Wrap on My First “Clear the Clutter Bootcamp!”

By June 15, 2016Uncategorized

I just finished my organizing class – the “Clear the Clutter” bootcamp – and I couldn’t be more proud of the participants.  They each persevered through four weekly challenges, and the results are fantastic!  I was thrilled to hear so many positive comments from the group:

“[The Bootcamp] was great! It really set in motion big changes in our house.”

“I liked the group inspiration, fun atmosphere, and Sara’s happy personality & ‘can-do’ attitude, and the step-by-step challenges and a schedule for what to do.”

“Gave me focused time to declutter & reorganize.”

We kicked things off with my “Clear the Clutter” talk:

“I liked how we talked through the different types of clutter.”

Another participant learned “how keeping unused stuff costs us.”

Here are some of my favorite transformations:

The Junk Drawer

You might think than an interior designer and organizer like me might not be a fan of junk drawers. If so, you’re wrong! I’m a firm believer in having a junk drawer; I just think it should be organized.  This participant added some basic bins so now everything has a place. And she even lined the drawer with paper to make it look prettier.  Which drawer would you rather open?

Junk Drawer BA

The Command Center

As a professional designer and organizer, catering to families, it is my #1 recommendation to have a family Command Center.  This participant is lucky enough to have a fantastic space in her kitchen for this purpose. However, as you can see in the “before” image, a desk nook like this can also be a clutter magnet. By adding storage bins in the shelving above, removing items that don’t belong there, and shifting the computer to free up more desk space, the Command Center is now a much more peaceful and more importantly, usable, space.

CTC Command Center BA

I also want to share the Command Center example below because it’s a totally different situation. This participant didn’t have a functioning Command Center space. She had tried to use a small nook in her kitchen, but it was consumed by cookbooks and her child’s artwork.  She and her husband honed in on this large wall in their kitchen/dining area to use instead. After relocating the artwork that was on the wall, they collected relevant items they already owned to create the center: the clock, bulletin boards and square shelf unit.  The bins are new, and each member of the family will have a spot (including the family dog). (They’re from Ballard Designs, in case you’re interested.)

CTC Command Center BA2

Bathroom Storage

I’ve helped my share of families organize cupboards and cabinets.  It’s a good idea to clean out your bathroom storage periodically, as products tend to spill or expire over time.  This participant removed old and unused products, scaled back to only necessary items on the counter, and added bins in the cabinet below. You’d be surprised at how quickly this can be done, no matter how daunting it seems.  Give it a try in your home!

CTC Bathroom Storage BA

Favorite Products

Another component of the Clear the Clutter Bootcamp is hearing about my favorite products – and even getting some discounts! I was thrilled to see this participant pick up my favorite toy storage idea from Swoop.  They’re great for Legos, as well as other toys or art supplies.

CTC Toy Storage

I know some of the participants ordered supplies from Three by Three, another favorite company of mine that makes great products for your Command Center and beyond. Stay tuned for those “after” photos…

A big thanks to the fantastic participants in the spring Bootcamp! Your enthusiasm and hard work were contagious, and the entire group benefitted as a result.

“I feel more confident about my ability to do this stuff!”

“[I liked] sharing the experience with others.”

“I LOVED this!!!”

I can’t wait to host another session! If you’re interested in participating in the Clear the Clutter Bootcamp, send me an email or Facebook message, and I’ll make sure to send you information in time for the next session.

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