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3 Tips to Untangle the Bathroom Mess

By August 2, 2016Uncategorized

Bathrooms have a tendency to get hairy – numerous appliances on the counter, multiple people banging in and out of the door, sharing one small space, some people getting gussied up, others getting degrimed. How do we manage this space and fit everyone’s needs? It takes organization and planning, but I assure you, in the end you’ll wind up with more peaceful mornings.

1. One of my favorite tools is an over-the-door shoe organizer, which helps take advantage of vertical space in the bathroom. If you can find one with pockets of varying size to accomodate a multitude of needs, even better! Use pockets for hair products, tweezers, nail clippers, etc. Easy to access and easy to put away after use!

over door

Apartment Therapy

2. Another great idea may require a handy man, but wow, does it make a difference in either hiding those bathroom necessities that no one wants to see or adding open shelves to hold bathroom niceties, such as additional hand towels, soap, etc. Talk about making great use of the unused space! Get rid of that standard mirror above the vanity, and replace it with built-in storage and two smaller mirrors. Or, use that space between the studs to carve out shelving.

med cabinet middle


open shelves

Not Just a Housewife

3. Most bathrooms have a medicine cupboard, but they get easily cluttered or the shelves aren’t quite right. The picture above shows how much of a difference the easy addition of a magnetic sheet onto both the back of the cupboard and on the inside of the door can make. Use magnet-backed containers to keep any little items organized. For the items on the door, just be sure that anything protruding has enough clearance to close.


Aesthete Designs

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