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4 Tips for Closet Clarity (Hint: it’s time to clean out that closet!)

By August 8, 2016Uncategorized

How often to you take a look at what is hanging in your closets? More than just the precursory morning glance as you’re getting dressed? I recommend going through your closet twice a year, ideally when the seasons change or once a year.  With the end of summer in sight (did it ever begin?) and back-to-school a month away, this would be a great time to go through your clothes.



1. Try the Hanger Experiment

Most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. Yep, that’s right. That means you don’t need half of what’s cluttering up your clothes closet. But how to decide?

You might want to try the hanger experiment. At the start of the season, turn all the hangers backward, so the hook faces you. After you wear something, hang it with the hook facing forward, or away from you. After several months, the pieces still facing backward may need to go.

hanger 2

Making Lemonade Blog

Likewise, for folded clothes in drawers and shelves, turn each piece inside out. As it is worn turn it back to right-side-out. At the end of your time period, those that are still inside out are those that need to be removed.

2. Maximize Your Hanging Space

To maximize your closet space I am a huge fan of Huggables Hangers (pictured below). They are coated with a light fuzz to make them resistant to things slipping off and so slim that you can fit quite a few of them in the same space as a single regular plastic or wooden hanger.

huggable hangers

The Container Store

3. Drawer & Shelf Organizers

The two products shown below are great and I recommend them often. The first is a spring-loaded drawer divider which works with any size drawer to help keep items more organized.  The shelf organizers are really great for utilizing closet shelves without piles falling over onto one another.

spring loadedShop Wiki

shelf divider

The Container Store

4. Call a Professional!

Most of my clients know that one of the first things I look at is how they are using their  closet space. I am a huge advocate for closet organizing systems as time and time again I’ve seen how it maximes closet space.  For the last several years I’ve been working with and recommend the local company Organized Spaces because of the wonderful work they do. I have more than doubled the space in many closets, including my own, with the use of Organized Spaces services and products!


IMG_4558Sara Eizen & Organized Spaces

Baer Org Solo2Sara Eizen & Organized Spaces

Once last tip/rule I’ll leave you with for your closet – if you get something new, something old must go. This keeps your space and wardrobe fresh and balanced.

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