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Basic Basement Turned Awesome Airbnb

By January 21, 2016Uncategorized

I got a call from a client I’ve worked with in various houses over the years, but this time she had a new challenge for me: help her create an Airbnb by turning her basement laundry/utility room into an inviting kitchen and dining space.

Chances are by now, you’ve either stayed in an Airbnb, know someone who has one, or want to create one of your own.  Well, with a little imagination, de-cluttering and color, here’s what your basement could turn into:

Forbes Air BNB BA2

My client already had the bedroom and living area covered, so she enlisted my help with the kitchen, flooring and overall design scheme for the area. We made two key changes:

  1. Floors – We painted the cement floors light blue, which inspired the color palette for the space . We added several, large rugs from FLOR, which are gorgeous, and bring the space to life.
  2. Kitchenette – We looked no further than IKEA to create a simple kitchen with all the necessities for this space.

Take a look at the results:

Entry “before” and “after – The colors just pop, and they really make the space warm and inviting.

Forbes Air BNB BA 1

Utility room clutter be gone!  Enter: gorgeous cabinet and rugs.

Forbes Air BNB BA 3

Check out these amazing rugs from FLOR!  We had so much fun choosing colors and patterns for these. They add great visual interest to the space, too.

Forbes Air BNB BA 5

I love how the kitchenette turned out.  The bright white cabinets and butcher block keep the space light and warm. The open shelving is a great option for a small space like this because it offers storage without bulky cabinets.

Forbes Air BNB Solo 1

Forbes Air BNB Solo 2

Seattle homes have some great, often unfinished, basement spaces. Does yours? By converting it into an Airbnb, the space you’re using for storage could actually bring you some extra income. Sounds pretty good to me!


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