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3 Tips for Hanging Art

Art comes in many sizes and shapes and one of the trickiest things is hanging it. There are a few different tips for getting the “hang of it” just right.

1. Lay It Out

By laying out artwork on the floor, getting it spaced and organized how you want it to, you can use waxed paper to transfer everything from the size and shape of each piece to where exactly the nail holes should go. Put the paper up to the wall and pound the nails directly through it. This blog outlines the steps.

waxed paper


Alternatively you can use any paper cut to the same size as the piece you need to hang and adjust the layout directly on the wall. Again, the nails go directly through the paper.


Lulu & Georgia

2. Measure!

If you’re just doing one piece, this trick using painter’s tape to measure the distance between two hangers is quick and easy. On the back of the frame, line the ends of the tape up with the center of both holes. Once you’ve got that, you’ll use a level to make sure the tape is level on the wall, put the tape up and hammer nails at each end. Viola! Remove the tape and the nails should correspond exactly with each hanger.

blue tape

It’s Overflowing


This pin has been floating around Pinterest and I must say, really works well for frames that have the long metal strip especially. Simply put a dab of toothpaste in the center of the metal plate where you want the nail to be, hold the frame up against the wall and lightly press it against the wall to transfer the toothpaste to the wall. Put the nail in, wipe away the toothpaste and you’re ready to hang!


Learn as We Go

Grab a Tool

There are a variety of tools available for purchase to help get pictures and artwork hung level and precisely where you want the nails to be therefore avoiding multiple nail holes in the wall. I’ve been using the Under The Roof Hang and Level Picture Hanging Tool, which puts a small indentation on the wall where the nail needs to go for a level picture.

hanging tool

Available at Amazon and hardware stores

It’s time to get that art up on the wall. Choose a method and go for it!

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